Nunk Farms is 240 acre property located in Cedar Valley – Saint Thomas region of the Jamaican Blue Mountains at approximately 5,700 feet above sea level has been in operation since 1994. This growing region is a sub-tropical climate with high rain fall and the coffee grows in fertile, volcanic soil, under misty cloud cover to shade from hot sun. All of these factors combine to develop Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee with exceptional sweetness, aroma, rich flavor, full body with mild acidity.

 Cherry Berries are pulped and washed on farm, then transported to Drying Area where wet parchment is sun-dried and converted to dry parchment over an average period of 8 to 10 days. Dry parchment is stored at a moisture level of approximately 11% for an average of 8 to 10 weeks. This is then sent to the Jamaica Coffee Growers Association Factory, where it is hulled and polished and converted to Green Beans. Green Beans are then sorted and graded in exportable and non-exportable. Exportable green beans are then handpicked by dedicated staff, mainly women and packaged into barrels or burlap bags for export. We are regulated by The Regulatory Authority formerly The Coffee Industry Board (CIB) now known as Jamaica Agricultural Commodity Regulatory Authority (JACRA) who set standards which must be met by all exporters.
What Makes Nunk Farm Extraordinary? 
Nunk Farm Ltd uses vermicomposting systems employing California red worms (Eisenia fetida) to decompose waste from the pulping process and make nutrient-rich “worm manure”. That organic waste is then re-used as fantastic fertilizer. We are utilizing every part of our waste material from the pulping process to fertilize the soil and it ensures we have high aroma, 100% organically grown coffee beans.

Nunk Coffee Farm Limited:

Farm name: Nunk Farm Ltd.

Location: Cedar Valley, St Thomas.
Farm Altitude: 1,525 ~ 1,585m
Farm total Area: 205 acres
Product species: Typica species 70% Geisha species and others 30%