Island Coffee Traders

Grown on the world renowned Jamaica Blue Mountain – approximately 4000 ft above sea level, our highest quality arabica beans are grown, processed, roasted and packaged with diligent care. Whether exported green roasted, our beans are of exceptional taste and cannot be compared to any other.

Island Coffee Traders is a member of the Jamaica Coffee Growers Association. Our Regulatory Authority formerly The Coffee Industry Board (CIB) now known as Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA) set standards which must be met by all exporters. Certificate of Authenticity is provided with EVERY barrel of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee we export. This means that every barrel has been tested and passed through the Jamaican Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority’s close scrutiny and meets it’s extremely high standards.


Jason Flynn

Import/Export Manager


Jason Flynn became a part of the Island Coffee Traders (ICTA) team in 2016. His interest in coffee growing and production started in 2004, when he took a “gap year” from his work and studies to visit his paternal grandfather in Jamaica…

During this time, he learned about the coffee industry from a relative who happened to own a coffee farm in the Cedar Valley district located at the foothills of Blue Mountain in St. Thomas. At this farm he gained valuable hands-on soil to cup experience in coffee growing and processing

Through familial connections within the local industry he connected with members of ICTA and started working as the Import/Export Manager for the company. He is responsible for the logistics of getting goods to the purchasers, as well as sales and promotion of their goods abroad. He is also using his experience to help them diversify their production and develop innovative strategies to create new markets.


Island Brew is Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee of the highest quality

passionately grown, processed roasted and packaged to achieve the highest customer satisfaction