Coffee Production

Island Coffee Traders Association is a (ICTA) Certified Producer of Single Origin 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee located in Cedar Valley Saint Thomas Parish, Jamaica

Island Coffee Traders Association is a collection of blue mountain coffee growers who work together as an association to help promote the interests of the small coffee farmers.

Jamaica Blue Mountain green coffee for export is packed into three sizes of barrels; containing net weight green beans, respectively:
– 70kg (154lbs)
– 30kg (66lbs)
– 15kg (33lbs)
The barrels are sealed, ICO-marked with a unique number shown on the documents including the all-important Certificate of Origin.
There are three sizes of Jamaica Blue Mountain flatberry:
– Grade or Size 1 (screen 17+)
– Grade or Size 2 (screen 16)
– Grade or Size 3 (screen 15/16)
– Peaberry
Jamaica Blue Mountain Select grade is a combination of No. 1, No. 2 & No. 3 beans. As its provenance states, this is a coffee that has all the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee cup quality characteristics and is packed green in 60kg net weight hessian/jute bags.
Maximum of 4% minor defects. Screen size from 15-18.

Island Coffee Traders Farms

Penlyne Castle
Hagley Gap
Cedar Valley
Moy Hall
Ness Castle
Origin: Jamaica
Region: Saint Thomas Parish
Farm: Members of Island Coffee Traders Association
Variety: Typica, Blue Mountain, Geisha
Altitude: 1526m – 1670m
Proc. Method Washed

Nunk Coffee Farm

Farm name: Nunk Farm Ltd.

Location: Cedar Valley, St Thomas.
Farm Altitude: 1,525 ~ 1,585m
Farm total Area: 205 acres
Species: Typica species 70% Geisha species and others 30%
Nunk Farm Ltd possesses an organic proprietary process for breaking down the skin of the cherry bean (waste from the pulping process). That organic waste is then re-used as fantastic fertilizer. We are utilizing every part of our waste material from the pulping process to fertilize the soil and it ensures we have high aroma, 100% organically grown coffee beans.
The Cedar Valley district is located at the foothills of the Blue Mountain in St. Thomas, plays a very important role in the Blue Mountain coffee trade and is known for producing some the best quality JBM.

Farm Size

250 – 300 Acres

Average Annual Production

3,700 Boxes

Elevation above sea level

2,700 ft.

Harvesting Period

Aug – Jan

Permanent Employees


The Main Buying Areas

Island Coffee Traders set up collecting depots in the following areas of high elevation for the purchasing of cherry coffee from farmers at competitive prices

◦ Hagley Gap
◦ Penlyne Castle
◦ Ness Castle
◦ Cedar Valley
◦ Moy Hall

Pulping and Washing Works

Pulping is done using small mechanized pulpers then passes through a stand-alone mucilage remover to wash the beans. Coffee pulp is stored for compost and used on the farms while the coffee beans are transported to the Drying and Finishing works.

Processing & Finishing Works

Island Coffee Traders Association is ergonomically designed and fitted with tested and proven equipment that assures good quality and consistency.

Coffee after drying is stored in a temperature controlled room where the relative humidity is carefully monitored as the coffee must rest for a period not less than eight (8) weeks. Coffee will remain in the resting stage until an order for sale is received. Base on capacity an order for 1.2 tons could be ready for delivery in 2-3 weeks.

Island Coffee Traders is Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee of the highest quality

passionately grown, processed roasted and packaged to achieve the highest customer satisfaction