Jamaica Blue Mountain Select is a unique offering, It is 100% Certified Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, cultivated on small farms within the Jamaica Blue Mountains. The crops are consolidated and processed to the high standards required of all Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

The ‘Ugly Tomato’

During the final grading process, the Jamaica Select beans fall into a category which do not conform to the exacting green bean cosmetic standards. Maybe having tiny blemishes, a slightly wonky shape or a slightly different shade of green. This is the ‘ugly tomato’ of the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee world. Thus, it has all of the flavor and same inherent quality but doesn’t quite fit the mold and is therefore undervalued.

Since you can’t taste these cosmetic quirks, you get all of the flavor at a fraction of the cost. With a pleasant almond characteristic, the balanced sugar and toasted nut notes create a round cup with good body. This is a joy to experience.

Classic Bean

Island Coffee Traders offer this 100% Certified Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee in Classic Flat Bean and Peaberries.