Coffee Equipment


TY-Tech Roasters

We passionately design and manufacture coffee roasting equipment for in-store operations to commercial scale operation start from 1kg to 150kg capacity per batch

We create our roasters not only for tools to transform the chemical and physical properties of the green bean into roasted coffee product, our roaster will help you to craft your perfect cup by providing best quality material, and combine with the best science and art to satisfy your passion for perfect roast

Our reliable, robust and beautiful coffee roasters are designed to meet the needs of every roastmaster

Diamen UV500 Coffee Roaster

Hartanzah specializes in the manufacture of high quality coffee roasting equipment, the UV Series roasters are built upon a foundation of many years of experience in the coffee roasting industry combined with new technology, detail craftsmanship, and user-friendly settings our roasters can help to achieve coffee roasting perfection.

Island Coffee Traders is Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee of the highest quality

passionately grown, processed roasted and packaged to achieve the highest customer satisfaction