Trumpet Tree Coffee Factory (TTCF) is proud to announce a new partnership with Best Coffee SRL (Italy)

Best Coffee SRL Host Milano 2019

Best Coffee Srl has been operating for several years on the national and European market, and specializes in the importation of Organic- Fairtrade-utz -Rainforest certified Coffees and Specialty Coffee.

The constant research by Best Coffee SRL for the best origins of green coffee led them Jamaica where they discovered Trumpet Tree Coffee Factory.

Arthur McGowan Owner and Chief Cultivation Officer of TTCF

Owned and operated by Arthur McGowan TTCF is a producer and processor of single origin – 100 Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

This new alliance will allow TTCF the opportunity to continue to grow and new develop new markets in Italy and the EU. While providing Best Coffee SRL a solid partner with tremendous experience in producing the finest quality Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

TTCF Jamaica Blue Mountain #1 Arrives In Milan

Best Coffee SRL Contact Information

Address: Via Michele Spadaro 19

74121 TARANTO Puglia ITALY

Phone: +39.099.2310948 | 099 7792559

Fax: +39.099.2310948