Coffee lovers in Australia will soon be able to buy Single Origin, Farmer Owned 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Locally. Rhythm Blue is one of the few Australian suppliers of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee with a direct relationship with the farmer.

Arthur McGowan owner and chief cultivation officer of Constitution Hill Trumpet Tree Coffee Factory possesses more than 15 years of experience growing and manufacturing coffee in his playground, the Jamaica Blue Mountains. From his tranquil farm more than 4000 feet above sea level deep in the Jamaica Blue Mountains (considered his office) Arthur ensures that the best quality coffee is brought to harvest. Each batch of coffee reaped from the farm is pulped, hand-washed, and then placed on a barbecue to air dry.

When Arthur isn’t working on his coffee, you’ll find him playing the steel drums or the saxophone. He used to tour across Jamaica playing music. Which is one of the inspirations for the name Rhythm Blue.No cheating or blends here, just the real rich flavour of all Jamaican Blue Mountain beans. The rare and highly limited environment of the Jamaican Blue Mountains produce some of the world’s finest coffee. Rhythm Blue coffee has smooth rich flavours, deep chocolate notes and not a hint of bitterness.

Rhythm Blue, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is meant to help you take a moment to take stock of what matters and help you refocus. We bring the chilled out and go get ’em vibe of Jamaica in every cup.

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