1. With its elite flavour profile and luxurious nature, the uniqueness of Jamaica Blue Mountain (JBM) Coffee has gained recognition as one of, if not the world’s finest.

Extremely balanced in taste and nurtured by over 4600 coffee farmers who ensure that the premium value of the product is maintained, there are very few things in this life that can give you the satisfaction like a cup of JBM coffee.

Whether you prefer black, cream and sugar, or cream no sugar, the experience is rich and will leave your taste buds tantalized even hours after having it.

If there is anyone’s word to go by, it is President of the Jamaica Coffee Exporters’ Association and Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Mavis Bank Coffee Factory, Norman Grant, whose description of the luxury brand, captures perfectly what the JBM Coffee stands for.

Here are eight (8) reasons why coffee drinkers should always choose JBM Coffee:

1) Exquisite Taste Profile

The Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee has a very mellow, sweet, and floral flavour. It leaves a beautiful after taste on your palette that screams “fantastic, incomparable coffee experience” to the coffee connoisseur.

2) Grown in the Best Environment 

Not only is the sunlight and misty cloud cover of the Blue Mountains perfect for JBM coffee’s growth, but the soil type also located at an altitude between 2000 to 5000 feet creates the perfect climate.

In addition to the climate, Grant explains that the development of the coffee beans takes place over a period of time which enables the coffee to develop and disseminate its sugar content, thus giving the roasted beans a very balanced acidity and aroma.

3) A taste of heritage

The Blue Mountain region isn’t merely the highest point in Jamaica, it is also a World Heritage site. According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), The area was recognised for its biodiversity and cultural significance within the Caribbean Region. “The Blue Mountains provided refuge first for the indigenous Tainos, fleeing slavery, and then for Maroons (formerly enslaved peoples). To this day, the network of trails, hiding places, and settlements established by the Maroons still stand and form part of the Nanny Town Heritage Route.

The site is also a biodiversity hotspot for the Caribbean Islands with a high proportion of endemic plant species, especially lichens, mosses, and certain flowering plants.”

So the next time you sip a cup of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, you’ll also be sipping the rich cultural heritage and biodiversity that’s packed with the Blue Mountains.

4) Quality Regulated   

JBM Coffee is grown and processed in an environmentally friendly way, with quality standard checks every step of the way to ensure the delivery of a premium product every time.

“We remain the only coffee growing, manufacturing and exporting country that still has a regulatory authority that regulates quality, as all our coffee has to be exported through the Coffee Industry Board,” Grant stated.

5) Little to No defects  

JBM coffee is described as the king of coffee and the winning coffee beans have almost little to no defects in production. You will rarely ever hear a consumer say the coffee did not match or exceed their expectations.

6) Packaging 

The Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is packed in Wooden Barrels to preserve its premium taste and quality. Jamaica remains one of the only countries that continues to do this.

7) Value for Money

Though it may be a little pricey for some, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee’s flavour profile and overall quality of the product makes it all worth it.

8) Health Benefits 

Like other coffees, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee also has health benefits. Research has shown that coffee can regulate glucose in the body and boosts liver enzyme levels, according to www.hopkinsmedicine.org.

Grant encourages consumers to ensure that coffee products have the official Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee seal before purchasing.

“On all our products you will see the Coffee Industry Board’s logo or seal, with the trademark that tells you that these are genuine Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee products. You won’t see ‘Blue Mountain Styled’, you will see ‘100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee’, and where you are allowed to, blend you will see, for example, ‘30% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee,’” he explained.

Although Jamaica is a tea-drinking country, Grant said Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Day 2021 will begin a drive to foster a coffee-drinking culture on the island.

“…we want to also increase production moving from 30 boxes per acre to 90 boxes per acre and while we explore the diversification of our market, the consumption of coffee locally, we are also focused on increasing productivity of our farmers.”

The next time you consume a cup of coffee, ensure that it’s Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee so that you can benefit from the top eight reasons we highlighted. After all, there’s greatness in every sip!