The high consumption shows that coffee is indispensable for many consumers. In figures, around 85 percent of all adults drink one or more cups of coffee almost every day. But not everyone prefers the same variety: Here’s what makes Jamaica Blue Mountain so special.
For special enjoyment, some drink a tart variety, while others prefer it to be a bit milder. But why does coffee differ in price at all? The most important reason here are the production processes and the location of the growing area.

Arthur McGowan Estate 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

The Jamaica Blue Mountain
Anyone who moves in the world of coffee specialties will sooner or later come across the Jamaica Blue Mountain. This variety is one of the best beans in the world because the growing conditions are extremely beneficial. Shade-giving plants, natural sun protection in the form of fog and the resulting slow growth are just a few keywords. In addition, the cultivation takes place at a height of about 1,800 meters, which leads to difficult conditions during the harvest. Such conditions do not exist on all areas and for this reason the Jamaica Blue Mountain is one of the finest and most expensive coffee in the world. To ensure that it stays that way and Jamaica continues to have such a strong export product, the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica takes care of quality assurance and actively takes action against counterfeiting. In addition, the export volume can also be regulated, which in the long term protects the price level and farmers.

The Hawaii Kona
If the personal taste of every single coffee drinker is neglected, then the Arabica bean Kona is one of the best coffee in the world. With tropical temperatures and a balanced interplay of sun and rain, the variety has optimal growing conditions. The coffee is grown on the Big Island.

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